Mei-Chi Chan​

​was born in Hong-Kong, and lived in Nigeria, Africa till the age of seven when her family moved to England where she grew up. Her experience of such varied cultures with seemingly conflicting values, led to a deep quest to know what real meaning is beyond family and cultural conditioning.

​She studied philosophy at Lancaster University, England, graduating with first class honors. She spent years traveling in Europe and Asia. A deep longing to explore her inner life more deeply led her to live in Buddhist monasteries for three years. Although she loved monastic life and found much peace in solitude, she noticed that her greatest challenges came from being in relationship with others. She looked for a way of exploring relationship for the purpose of healing and awakening. In 2000, she heard about Core Process Psychotherapy and was drawn to its contemplative approach to the therapeutic relationship and its context of deep respect for the inherent essence and potential of every individual. The recognition that when we move beyond our conditioned fears, what is revealed is the inherent qualities of clarity, compassion and spaciousness that is consciousness. Mei-Chi completed the four year professional training, graduated with an M.A. and established a private practice in England.

She and her husband moved to Edmonton in 2005. This was the start of a very different phase in their lives. They started together with others a company called Health Hub which established a wellness centre and a restaurant and bakery at The Enjoy Centre in St Albert. Mei-Chi was both the joint CEO and HR director of the company until 2012. Presently she is working as a counsellor with refugees and newcomers at The Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers (EMCN), a non-profit organization.  She is also a consultant and trainer for The Multicultural Health Brokers Cooperative (MCHB), as well as having a private psychotherapy practice at her home office.

Core Process Counselling and Psychotherapy